Kawasaki GPz1100, KZ1100, ZN1100, and KZ1000 J/K/M Model Parts

In addition to the items shown in the following pictures, I have many more parts
from 1981-84 KZ1000, J, LTD, CSR, Police, KZ1100, ZN1100, and GPz1100. I have lots of engine parts,
wire harnesses, reg/rect, ignitions, shocks, swing arms, forks, controls, wheels, brakes,
engine side covers, body side covers, ect. I am parting out several of these bikes.

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1981-84 GPz1100 and KZ1000 parts showcase

If you are looking for parts email me with your list and I will see what I have
and check on their condition. I can usually email pics of parts you are interested in.

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Transmission input shaft complete with clutch for 1983-84 GPz1100 (ZX1100A) and ZN1100B, VGC, $179

USED Progressive Suspension fork springs, part# 11-1108,
fits all 1973-83 Kaw 900/1000cc chain drive models
Last set I have, low miles, VGC, $35 pair

GPz1100 output sprocket cover with shifter pedal mount, $69

J front cover with KAWASAKI emblem, covers brake splitter and cable bracket,
This one is very nice condition, $39

1981 KZ1000M, the 1981 model 1000 CSR headlight mount, 1982 is different, VGC, $39

chrome cable guides for KZ1000 CSR, KZ1000 LTD, with chrome bolts, $21

Owners Manuals, kz1000 J, $12 and $20
Owners Manuals for LTD1100 (ZN1100B) and KZ1100LTD (KZ1100 L), $20 each

Shifter forks for J/GPz models, indexable, $39 each

Very hard to find tail light assembly for these models, kz1000J, 1981-82 GPz1100, KZ1100, $49

kz1000J side cover and tank emblems, $30 and $35
lower tail emblem, $13
ZN1100B side cover emblem, $10

Here is a 55pc high quality high luster 18-8 SS allen head bolt set
These are made in the USA high quality, high luster, 18-8 Stainless Steel alloy
These have a chrome like apearance but will never lose the shine and never rust
fits KZ1000 J, K, M, and GPz1100, all the right sizes
for the valve cvr, ign, dyno, clutch, $39 per set
BUY IT NOW WITH PAY PAL for $44.15 includes postage in the USA

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These are the long bolts that hold on the front sprocket cover
These are made in the USA high quality, high luster, 18-8 Stainless Steel alloy
These have a chrome like apearance but will never lose the shine and never rust
BUY IT NOW USING PAY PAL, TOTAL OF $24.95 includes postage in the lower 48

Click the BUY NOW button, TOTAL OF $24.95 includes postage in the USA


These are the ZX1100A covers I have, some are better than others, priced $20-$30-$45

EX clamps and split rings in VGC,
Aluminum exhaust clamps in VGC, $59 set of 4
large split rings, 8 pcs, $20 set
small split ringsused on many models oem pipes, set of 8, $29

handlebar clamp for 1983-84 GPz1100, $25

CHROME Ignition housing for ZX1100A and ZN1100B models, very nice, $45
This does not fit the kz1000 J, K, or M with mechanical advance type ignitions

chrome tail lamp for 1981-83 1000 LTD and 1000CSR models, no lens, VGC, $39

NEW brake handle for J model, $20
NEW clutch springs for 6 spring type kz1100 and GPz1100 models,
EBC stock springs are $19
The Barnett springs are $23

ZX1100A, 1983-84 GPz1100 upper steering clamp, VGC, $45
ignition switch with key sold seperate, $25

KZ1100 Spectre tail light assembly, $49

Voltage regulator rectifiers, $39, ZX1100A and ZN1100B Ignition pickups, these and more.

fuel gages used on all kz1000J,K, and KZ1100 bikes, $15 each

GPz1100 Ignition and Indicator light panel, $35

handle bar mounts for ZX1100A, VGC, $45 set

Control Pod Info
The RH control is not too bad, The J/K/M all share the same one with a red 4 pin plug, only 3 are used
there is also a special push pull unit on the ZN1100B, it uses a 6 pin red plug, only 5 are used,
It has the 2 brake light switch wires seperate. Use this on a J/K/M and you end up with 4 extra unused wires to tape over,
Those being the brake switch wires and 1 pair of the ones in the connector. Thing to remember is they all go to the same place,
the kill/start switch. So each is pair has a hot in and switch out, pretty easy to figure out using an ohm meter
The GPz1100 (ZX1100A) has a green 6 pin connector and a push pull throttle. It has the 2 brake light switch wires seperate.
The LH control;
The GPz1100 (ZX1100A) has 2 connectors, a black 9 pin and a white 2 or 3 pin for the clutch lever starter interlock wires.
All the LH controls I have on hand use the black 9 pin. Again, all these are the same exact switch, Hi/Lo, L/R, EMER, and
everyones favorite the horn button. You cannot pass state inspection without a working horn.
You can fix either it or you can replace it. OK, enough of the rant.
All LH pods are the same and have a 9 pin black connector and a 2 pin white plug at the pigtail,
and a black 3 pin at the pod end to plug into the clutch lever interlock switch at the pod end.
The older J/K/M and GPz1100B series used the same control but had the little bullet switch attached to the pod end
to plug into the clutch lever perch and a 3 pin plug instead of the 2 pin at the pigtail end.
Since the clutch interlock is seperate from the rest, it's easy to use the one you need and lose the other.
ALL LH pods are the same, $45 each OK, now the RH contro pods on the right and top to bottom, just like reading something;
-- top right, complete push pull unit from a ZN1100B, no cables, nice top, $45
-- middle right, single cable type, 6 pin plug, 2 wires are for the clutch interlock, the connection
to the clutch interlock uses 2 individual connectors, no cable, no top, $45
-- bottom right, single cable type, 4 pin plug, J/K/M, no interlock wires, with cable, no top,$45
--BOTTOM LEFT, push pull unit from a ZN1100B, one good cable, on bad cable, no top, $45

Two rectangular headlights from GPz. The larger one is from a ZX1100A.
The smaller one looks like it's from a 1982 GPz1100.

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