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These are only a few of the many many parts I have for sale.
If you are interested in a part, but it is not shown,
Check if it's one listed that I have, if I am parting out the bike,
email me about the part and I will check on availability and condition.

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Kawasaki KZ1300 side covers, no damage, need painted, $49 pair

Kawasaki 1986-87 1000R instrument cluster, VGC, $45

NEW chrome alt cover, this fits the first kz650 four engine,
the 1976 model year kz650B with the alternator field coil, no magnets on the rotor,
the field coil gets attached using the 3 mounting holes, very pretty NEW CHROME cover if you have this rare model, $39

H2 tripple tach, good shape, $29

900 Ninja instrument cluster, VGC, $45

left side cover for Kawasaki 500 H1, original metal panel, $39

New Yoshimura header for Kaw ZX7R, Yosh part #ZX712RR,
just the part you see, no canister, $49

1986 1000R ninja front wheel, VGC, $39

Honda Twin Star speedo assembly, $20

KZ550 side covers with emblems, $69 set

1970 Honda CB350 side covers, no damage, need painted, $39 pair

1970 Honda CB350 instruments, $20 each

1974 Honda CB360 instruments, $20 each

I am parting out the Suzuki GT750 "Water Buffalo"
Side covers are nice, no damage, and have emblems, $69 pair many engine and chassis parts are also still available

Dyna coil brackets for HD, $10 each

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