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These are some tools, parts, and other stuff I have for sale.

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Parts and Tools and Stuff

NEW Bell STAR 2 helmuts, MEDIUM sized, made in Italy, $25 each plus shipping

List of NEW Gaskets available for Kaw 900/1000/1100;
NEW COMETIC Graphite Head gasket for 76mm bore, C8020, $30
NEW COMETIC Copper Head gasket for 72mm bore, C8154, $40
NEW COMETIC Copper Head gasket for 78mm bore, C8157, $40
NEW WISECO Graphite Head gasket for 78mm bore, W3920, $30
NEW COMETIC Copper Base gasket for 78mm bore, 0.020 in thick, $15
NEW COMETIC Clutch Cover gasket for 900/1000, $5
NEW COMETIC Valve Cover gaskets for Kaw J and GPz model 1000/1100, $9
NEW KAWASAKI OEM 1973 Z1 900 single piece head gasket, $20

I have NEW 16" REAR Dunlop High Performance V rated tire
16" Dunlop GT501 150/80 B16 71V, $59

KZ1300 Right side plastic body panel, $29
KZ550 Left side plastic cover with emblem, $35
KZ550 LTD side covers with emblems, $69 pair or $35 each

1970? Honda CB350 side covers, no damage, need painted, $29 pair

Kawasaki 1986-87 Ninja 1000R instrument cluster, VGC, $45

NEW chrome alt cover, this fits the 1974-78 kz400 A, D, and S models engines,
These models use the alternator field coil and stator, no permanent magnets on the rotor,
the field coil gets attached using the 3 mounting holes, very pretty NEW CHROME cover if you have this rare model, $29
Does not fit the 1978-79 kz400 B, C, or H model versions

Universal front master cylinder, NEW, $49

H2 tripple tach, good shape, $20

Universal grips for 7.8" handlebars, $10 pair

Ninja 900R instrument cluster, VGC, $45

left side cover for Kawasaki 500 H1, original metal panel, $20

New Yoshimura header for Kaw ZX7R, Yosh part #ZX712RR,
just the part you see, no canister, $40

1986 1000R ninja front wheel, VGC, $30

KZ550 side covers with emblems, $35 each

I am parting out the Suzuki GT750 "Water Buffalo"
Side covers are nice, no damage, and have emblems, $59 pair many engine and chassis parts are also still available for this model

Kawasaki J clutch hub holder, $15

Vernier calipers to measure valve shim thickness and other things, $15

I used this indicator set to check for crank shaft runout and straightness.
These are very high quality items in great working condition, $49

NEW, economomical but quality Mag base set, for cam degreeing, $39
Used Starret dial indicator, VGC, $39 NEW, Starret dial indicator, VGC, $59

NEW dial indicator set, for runout and straightness checks on cranks, $39

NEW, Outside micrometer seat, measure valve stem diameters, etc, $49

The Old Kaws Never Die Series NOW AVAILABLE on CD at Reduced Price

You can purchase a CD-ROM with my Old Kaws Never Die Series including
NEW chapters not available on the web site. My Race Engines and
Swingarms series are only available on this CD-ROM.
My Tips & Tricks FAQ is also only available on this CD-ROM
Includes the latest chapter on replacing the 1978 and earlier regulator and rectifier
with a modern solid state unit. Detailed step by step instructions with wiring diagram
All files are in PDF format, PDF readers are freely available.
The price is $19.95 and includes postage in the USA.

International Shipping costs more --> Total of $29.95 USD - Click Below For International Sales

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