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These are some tools, parts, and other stuff I have for sale.

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Parts and Tools and Stuff

List of NEW Gaskets available for Kaw 900/1000/1100;
NEW COMETIC Graphite Head gasket for 76mm bore, C8020, $30
NEW COMETIC Copper Head gasket for 72mm bore, C8154, $40
NEW COMETIC Copper Head gasket for 78mm bore, C8157, $40
NEW WISECO Graphite Head gasket for 78mm bore, W3920, $30
NEW COMETIC Copper Base gasket for 78mm bore, 0.020 in thick, $15
NEW COMETIC Clutch Cover gasket for 900/1000, $5
NEW COMETIC Valve Cover gaskets for Kaw J and GPz model 1000/1100, $9
NEW KAWASAKI OEM 1973 Z1 900 single piece head gasket, $20

I have 2 NEW Dunlop High Performance V rated rear tires for sale
18" Dunlop K591 Elite, 140/70 B18 62V, $79
16" Dunlop GT501 150/80 B16 71V, $79

KZ1300 Right side plastic body panel, $29
KZ550 Left side plastic cover with emblem, $35
KZ550 LTD side covers with emblems, $69 pair or $35 each

1970? Honda CB350 side covers, no damage, need painted, $29 pair

Kawasaki 1986-87 Ninja 1000R instrument cluster, VGC, $45

NEW chrome alt cover, this fits the first kz650 four engine,
the 1976 model year kz650B with the alternator field coil, no magnets on the rotor,
the field coil gets attached using the 3 mounting holes, very pretty NEW CHROME cover if you have this rare model, $29

Universal front master cylinder, NEW, $79

H2 tripple tach, good shape, $20

Universal grips for 7.8" handlebars, $10 pair

Ninja 900R instrument cluster, VGC, $45

left side cover for Kawasaki 500 H1, original metal panel, $20

New Yoshimura header for Kaw ZX7R, Yosh part #ZX712RR,
just the part you see, no canister, $40

1986 1000R ninja front wheel, VGC, $30

KZ550 side covers with emblems, $69 set

I am parting out the Suzuki GT750 "Water Buffalo"
Side covers are nice, no damage, and have emblems, $59 pair many engine and chassis parts are also still available for this model

Kawasaki J clutch hub holder, $15

Vernier calipers to measure valve shim thickness and other things, $15

I used this indicator set to check for crank shaft runout and straightness.
These are very high quality items in great working condition, $49

NEW, economomical but quality Mag base set, for cam degreeing, $39
Used Starret dial indicator, VGC, $39 NEW, Starret dial indicator, VGC, $59

NEW dial indicator set, for runout and straightness checks on cranks, $39

NEW, Outside micrometer seat, measure valve stem diameters, etc, $49

The Old Kaws Never Die Series NOW AVAILABLE on CD at Reduced Price

You can purchase a CD-ROM with my Old Kaws Never Die Series including
NEW chapters not available on the web site. My Race Engines and
Swingarms series are only available on this CD-ROM.
My Tips & Tricks FAQ is also only available on this CD-ROM
Includes the latest chapter on replacing the 1978 and earlier regulator and rectifier
with a modern solid state unit. Detailed step by step instructions with wiring diagram
All files are in PDF format, PDF readers are freely available.
The price is $19.95 and includes postage in the USA.

International Shipping costs more --> Total of $29.95 USD - Click Below For International Sales

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